The BirthRite Experience
Well-positioned in the Future of Midwifery

Understanding the tremendous physiological benefits of upright positions for the progress of labour and birth, many midwives would like to offer birthing seats to women in their care. However, they often do not feel confident in their use. Others face reservation, even opposition, from doctors or colleagues. The result is that too many women are given but one choice — the obstetric bed — and are deprived of the opportunity to experience upright birthing to their best advantage.

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Extract from The BirthRite Experience

In this 55-minute landmark teaching film, midwives, doctors and parents use the innovative BirthRite Birthing Seat and Floor Studio as the platform to demonstrate in detail the practical aspects of upright birthing. They discuss the importance of dignity and empowerment in childbirth, and how readily they can be achieved without compromising obstetric safety.

Experienced midwifery practitioner and educator, Monika Boenigk, explains how the upright position leads naturally to a new paradigm for the practice of midwifery. She shows how midwives can integrate upright positions, relaxation and interactive engagement into their routine practice, providing a richer texture in an often barren obstetric environment.

This inspirational presentation will strike a deep chord in couples preparing for childbirth. The simplicity and elegance of its dignified approach to childbirth appeal to their natural instincts, and they are highly motivated by the prospect of active participation in the birthing process.

Midwives and doctors will feel reassured by research citations and confident in advocating upright positions to their clients and colleagues. They will particularly appreciate the increased professional satisfaction offered by the new paradigm.

Midwifery educators will find this well-structured, stimulating film a valuable teaching resource in preparing their students for the new face of midwifery.

Available on DVD only, in PAL or NTSC format. Language: English.

Caution: This presentation contains graphic birthing images, so please give due consideration to audience selection.

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